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Testing Caption

PSE and Rage Broadhead strikes again!

This hunt takes place in Richfield Springs New York in November of 2012.  I had an opportunity to shoot a doe but as you will see I spooked her trying to get my bow and camera ready.  It is definitely hard trying to get everything to come together when you are self-filming.  As the season went on, I got a little better with the camera and my on camera narratives.  I’m addicted for sure!  I didn’t end up getting a deer but my buddy Jamie did.

Whitetail buck self-filmed sniffs GoPro Camera

Little whitetail buck sniffs GoPro camera while filming

This is a small clip of a little whitetail as I was hunting in Oneida County, NY. He was definitely on a mission.  I kept messing with him every time he turned his head by grunting at him. The cool part is I taped him with two cameras. This stand is best in the early season when I have cover with all the leaves but for some reason I rarely get busted in it later in the season as well.



Self-Filmed Whitetail Deer Archery Hunt 2012

This is my first self-filmed archery harvest that takes place in Oneida County New York during the 2012 archery season.  This video does show the impact shot.  I used a Canon XA10 camcorder to film it and Final Cut Pro to edit it.  The deer was used to make my delicious venison chili and my famous venison jerky.  I am sorry, I can not share my recipes.  If you think of yourself as an outdoorsman, yet live in or around the city, you my friend are amongst a growing population of people known as “City Woodchucks.”  ”Like” us on Facebook!